Monday, 28 March 2011

The Hearth of the Turning Wheel

As stated elsewhere, the Hearth of the Turning Wheel is an independent and progressive Pagan group based in the English Midlands. Our praxis and ethos are inspired by but not necessarily limited to, the traditional custom and belief found within British and European Folklore. We meet to celebrate the Eight High Holy Days leaving Moon observances to members’ solitary practice. We do not operate a degree system although membership does require admission. We are a closed group and membership is by invitation only. However, guests are occasionally permitted to attend and participate in ritual; again this is strictly by invitation only.

The Hearth takes its name from the declared aim of observing the Eight Sabbats. On foundation, being aware that members came from differing Traditions and not every member was a Witch or a Druid, we chose to avoid the weighted terms of coven or grove. Admittedly as we have developed we have taken on attributes often associated with the word Coven and may at times be described as such. This BLOG exists as an extension of my own personal  ethos and as a method of sharing my philosophy outside of the Hearth.

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