Sunday, 4 January 2015

Daily Affirmation

Light incense or a candle and stand facing either north or the rising sun. Raise your hands in salute and say:

"I am protected, from all harm and injury, be it physical, mental or spiritual. I stand within circles of light that nothing save love may cross.

(Oh Great Gods; my Lord and my Lady, send down thy powers, to guard, guide, inspire and uplift me and lead me in thy ways, now and forever.")

Place your arms out in front of you slightly with the palms downward and say: "I call upon the land beneath my feet."

Turning  deosil in the same position while saying: "The sea that surrounds me."

On returning to the starting position turn your palms upwards, raise your arms slightly and say: "And the sky that is above me, to bless and protect me, this day."

Text and photography copyright the Chattering Magpie.
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