Monday, 28 March 2011

Silver Wheel Volume 2 available from May 2010

Contents of volume 2
The Wild Hunt Rides by Michael Howard
Hekate, Bright Goddess of the Mysteries  by Sorita D’este
Hecate’s Trip to the Liver Clinic  by Bella Basura
Belief, Desire and Magical Intent  by Simon Danser
The Mysteries of Mabon   by Wade MacMorrighan
The Eightfold Path by Peter Nash
Hallowtide Ritual   by Eachwen Colldwr
Round and Round the Circle by Jean Dark
The Symbol with Many Meanings  by  Ron Ford
Handfasting Ceremony   by D.B.Griffith & June Todd
Magic in the Smoke  by Paul Walton
Makemake    by Alison Chester-Lambert
Lammas Ritual of Sacrifice by D.B.Griffith
Pines on the Horizon   by Nigel Pennick
Plantlore and Herbcraft     by Philip Carr-Gomm
Polarity in Magical Partnerships by J. and P McCarthy
Simple Numerology  by Soraya
The Great Earl and the Black Abbess   by Dr Bob Curran
The Ritual of the Norwegian Blue   by D.B.Griffith
Ritual in Wicca  by Peter Nash
Wines through the Year    by Paul Walton
Working with Mott and Megin by Graham Butcher
The Return of the Rightful King  by Anna Franklin
Pagan Postcards from Lancashire by Wisty Jeffcott
The Goddess in Norfolk   by  Jean Dark
The Island of Skeletons    by  Dr Michael Berman
The Back Garden Moon Starer   by  Tim Goodwin

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