Saturday, 21 October 2017


In years hence as yet uncounted,
The Buddhist Pope as elected pontiff,
Shall reign supreme in China.

The people of Ulster shall rise again,
Returning to their homeland.
The baying hound shall lead them.
The rivers of the province,
Shall run with Orange blood.

The sacred bird shall desert the tower,
A Prince of the clans,
Shall claim the empty throne.

The Bishop of Rome, blinkered,
Shall sit amongst the ruin.

© The Chattering Magpie (1998)


The Gods do not die nor fade,
For we are immortal.
We sleep dormant,
Awaiting the call of a disciple.

O’ man and woman, hear my call to thee,
For I am older than time itself.
My sad neglect is mankind’s loss,
For I am a God of hidden wealth.

I am maligned by those that are ignorant,
For I am a God of many names.
I am worshipped by those that are wise,
Together with my Queen of unending reign.

Call out my name and I shall hear thee,
I am the father, the son and the lover.
Call out my name and I shall bellow,
I am the Horned God, king and brother.

I awake with the power of the dawn,
I lie hidden in the nut of the hazel.
I am the willing sacrifice,
And I am with thee from the cradle.

Just because thou cannot see me,
Does not mean I am not near.
O’ my children, hear my call,
Feel my presence but do not fear.

I am in the lightning and in the oak,
I am in this sacred song.
I am Cernunnos, Lord of the Hunt.
I am the Horned God and forever strong.

“Cernunnos I call thee my God” first published in Purdy T. (Ed.) (1994) Poems of the Midlands. Anchor Books of Peterborough under the name Daniel Bran Griffith.


I am the seed that you sow.
I am a bird on the wing.
I am the hen in the meadow.
I am the Divine song that you sing.

I am the Goddess of light and of dark.
I am the Goddess whose bird is the black crow.
It was I who put the song in Taliesin’s heart.
I am the Goddess of the white sow.

I am the guardian of the cauldron.
I am the crone and I am the mother.
I am the guardian of great wisdom.
I am the earth and I am the ruler.
I am the Goddess, I am Caridwen.

© The Chattering Magpie


Measure not my age in years,
But in the lives that I have lived before.
Measure not my love in tears,
For the future is my epitaph.

Why do people search for miracles,
When life itself is a great wonder?
Look to the stars and to the ocean,
Behold the elements of earthly humour.

I was once an unbeliever, but I am no longer.
I have seen the error of my ways.
The Old Gods have sated my spiritual hunger.

A field of wheat is resurrection,
Rebirth from brown to green, then gold.
The life of all is its reflection,
From birth to youth, to growing old.

Measure not my age in years,
But in the lives that I have seen before.
Measure not my love in tears,
The future is my memory.

© The Chattering Magpie