Sunday, 14 April 2019

Filiae Maestae Jerusalem by A. Vilvaldi

Mournful daughters of Jerusalem,
Behold the King of all,
Thy King wounded
And crowned with thorns;
To cleanse away the stains of sin
The King of sorrows he was made.
Behold Life expiring
Upon the bitter cross.
Behold, look, and weep for us
And not the cross.
Let no one reprove your tears,
Let everyone grieve with you,
Let all things inanimate lament,
Let creatures all lament.

Let the winds be rendered numb,
Let the fields freeze over,
Let the longed-for rains
Water not the leaves and flowers.
The river is dead,
Of their light
The moon and the sun are deprived.

But as shadows spread
The sun is dulled,
And the veil is rent,
The very rocks are splintered,
And does not grief our hearts break?
But while our grief cannot be deep enough,
Oh, good Jesus, have mercy on us.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Sovente il sole by A. Vilaldi

Often the sun beams in the sky,
With greater beauty and allure;
After the dark clouds,
Which had dimmed it before, have cleared.

And the calm peaceful sea,
Is seen with almost no waves;
After the passing of a terrible storm,
Which had agitated it before.

And the Goddess Isis speaks:

“I have come, moved by thy prayers! I have come in pity for thy woes. I have come, propitious and ready to aid. Cease from thy weeping and lamentation, and lay aside thy grief. For thee, by My Providence, the day of salvation is dawning!”

Lucius Apuleius
(Metamorphoses – 2nd Century CE)