Thursday, 5 July 2012

In remembrance by Robert Cochrane

I am what they think me to be.
I am what ye consider of thyself.
I am myself and thou as thou art.
Who will be time come.
I am that without form.
I am that without force.
Yet force and form I be.
I am the lover and the beloved.
I am the whole and the part.
I am compassion healing rift.
I am diamond cutting stone hearts.
I am the mirror without reflection.
All eight of those I be.

I am the well without water.
From which all must drink and die.
I am words, letters if ye understand me.
I am words without sound, listen to the wind.
I am pain, I am grief, sorrow and tears.
The rack, noose and stake.
The flayer and the flayed.
The hunted and the hunter.
The head without a body.
Hung upon a tree.
Yea! All this but still I am whole.

I am night and sleepless fear, I am fear!
Thou must overthrow me to release thy soul.
I am the watcher upon the hill.
The keeper of the gates, all keys I own.
I am peace now, understand thou things of clay.
I am turned about and turned again.
A rose among the living dead.
I am a root, a leaf, a tree.
My tap draws strength from eternity.
All things be mould for me.

Few know me at all and that is secret. 
Yet woman is my name. 
A plated host marcheth at my skirts. 
For I am mighty as the Dark One knows me. 
My nostrils smell the blood of the slain. 
I am weak as woman knows me. 
Yea! Be that my truest strength. 
I am desire, the first created, the first sin. 

Robert Cochrane