Monday, 28 March 2011

Silver Wheel Volume 3 available from May 2011

Contents Volume 3
The Provocation of Religion by Emma Restall-Orr
The Bogeyman by Nigel Pennick
Biddy Early - A Political Witch? by Dr Bob Curran
The Soul Captivation of Clerk Colville by Dr Michael Berman
Dancing With Death - the Evolution of an Archetype by Kristoffer Hughes
Yule - Dissolution and Renewal by Anna Franklin
My Healing Path by Soraya
The Five Directions by Simon Danser
Achieving Awen by Andrea Brown
Consecration of a Sacred Dagger by D.B.Griffith
Call me Shiva- the Place of Chaos in Creativity by Andrea Brown
Candle Magic by Paul Walton
Crosswords by Yvette Davies
The Dance of the Maiden by Michelle Axe
The Enchantment of the Shape-shifter Gearhoidh Iarla by Dr Michael Berman
Hallowing of the Compass by Chattering Magpie
In Search of the Gypsy Laddie by Dr Michael Berman
New Year and the Compitalia -  to honour the household gods by Pat Regan
Magick in the 21st Century and its Importance by Merrymoon
Mankind and Movement – The Importance of Physical Expression by Andrea Brown
Midwifing the Dying by Andrea Brown
Children of Cain - Modern Traditional Witches by Michael Howard

Natsiliani (Magical Birthmarks) by Dr Michael Berman

Organism v Organisation by Andrea Brown
Pagan symbolism within the Sherwood Legends by Chattering Magpie
The Ethical Bind Rune by Graham Butcher 
Muspel the First Realm by Tim Jones 
The Mothering Year by Jess Ablewhite 
The Sign of the Horned One by Pat Regan

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