Monday, 25 September 2017

An Anonymous Poem Commemorating the Catholic Martyrs of Derby

When Garlick did the ladder kiss,
And Sympson after hie,
Methought that there St. Andrew was
Desirous for to die.

When Ludlam look├Ęd smilingly,
And joyful did remain,
It seemed St. Stephen was standing by,
For to be stoned again.

And what if Sympson seemed to yield,
For doubt and dread to die;
He rose again, and won the field
And died most constantly.

His watching, fasting, shirt of hair;
His speech, his death, and all,
Do record give, do witness bear,
He wailed his former fall.

Written soon after the execution of Nicholas Garlick, Richard Simpson and Robert Ludlam, taking place on the 24th of July 1588 at Saint Mary's Bridge Derby England.

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