Saturday, 21 October 2017


The Gods do not die nor fade,
For we are immortal.
We sleep dormant,
Awaiting the call of a disciple.

O’ man and woman, hear my call to thee,
For I am older than time itself.
My sad neglect is mankind’s loss,
For I am a God of hidden wealth.

I am maligned by those that are ignorant,
For I am a God of many names.
I am worshipped by those that are wise,
Together with my Queen of unending reign.

Call out my name and I shall hear thee,
I am the father, the son and the lover.
Call out my name and I shall bellow,
I am the Horned God, king and brother.

I awake with the power of the dawn,
I lie hidden in the nut of the hazel.
I am the willing sacrifice,
And I am with thee from the cradle.

Just because thou cannot see me,
Does not mean I am not near.
O’ my children, hear my call,
Feel my presence but do not fear.

I am in the lightning and in the oak,
I am in this sacred song.
I am Cernunnos, Lord of the Hunt.
I am the Horned God and forever strong.

“Cernunnos I call thee my God” first published in Purdy T. (Ed.) (1994) Poems of the Midlands. Anchor Books of Peterborough under the name Daniel Bran Griffith.

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