Saturday, 18 July 2015


I stand naked in my room, I am alone.
I cast my circle three times,
With my wand of rowan.
Once for the Maiden, once for the Mother,
And once for the Crone.

From the candle that I hold,
I light the four quarters.
I call upon the powers,
To guard the circle and witness my rite.

I invite my Gods to join me,
Caridwen and Cernunnos.
I am their child, I am their servant,
They are my Goddess and my God.
I am no longer alone.

I anoint myself with oil,
My forehead, my lips, my breast.
My hands and then my feet,
For I do walk the Pagan way.
I am a Witch.

I declare that I dedicate my life,
To the service of the Goddess and the God.
I am Pagan, I am with them,
I stand naked before my Gods.

One of my early poems from my former days of Wiccan influence.
First published in Hannon V.  (Ed.) (1993) Ghosts, ghouls and Witches.  Poetry Now of Peterborough.

Photography ©the Chattering Magpie 2015.

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