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September 2015 saw the publication of a book entitled ‘Call of the God: an Anthology Exploring the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism.’ This work edited by Frances Billinghurst and published by Temple of the Dark Moon, has garnered considerable interest.

I have two short written pieces included in the anthology, a poem entitled simply ‘Cernunnos’ and a short chapter; ‘The Stag as a Totemic Manifestation of the Divine Masculine.’

It is with pride that I can identify myself as a contributor to this work, both written and photographic; whilst holding the honour of being the cover art photographer. The graphic design is by the talented Timothy Hartridge.

It is not appropriate to review a work in which one has a personal interest and therefore, I quote in full the publishers own text:

“Lurking amongst the shadows, slipping through our nightmares, teasing our peripheral vision, or simply crashing into our ordered lives, the Pagan God makes His presence felt in many ways. From prehistoric paintings to the mystical wilderness of Arcadia, the power of the Pagan God can still be felt in this modern age as the beat of His hooves upon the earth entice us to reclaim the true power of the Divine Masculine. "Call of the God: An Anthology Exploring the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism" is a unique smorgasbord of essays, poems, fiction and artwork depicting the numerous manifestations of the God and how the Divine Masculine is depicted within modern Paganism around the world.

This anthology includes works from: * Michael Howard (editor of "The Cauldron" as well as some 38 books), * Pete Jennings (past Pagan Federation president and author of many books), * Anna Franklin (author of 30 books and decks including "The Pagan Ways Tarot" and "The Sacred Circle Tarot"), * Tony and Candia McKormack from British Pagan band Inkubus Sukkubus, * Frances Billinghurst (author of "Dancing the Sacred Wheel", "In Her Sacred Name" and editor of this book), * Shauna Aura Knight (mixed media artist and author), * Polly Lind (New Zealand based tapestry artist), * Peter Coughlin (writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction), * Patrick Larabee (artist and author of "Whisperings from the Void"), * Rev Christian Ortz (author of Reiki Lunar and founder of the Mexican ezine "El Caldero-Espiritualidad de la Tierra" (The Cauldron-Earth Spirituality).

Other contributors include: Adam Hearn, Michael Vickery, Rebecca Buchanan, Fabienne S. Morgana, Kali Cox, Cara Fenton, Chattering Magpie, Ilana Sturm, Steven Posch, Tania Poole, Martin Samson, Michelle Jeffrey, Jeff Brown, Eddie Massey, P. St Clair-Martin, ElSharra, Wayland the Smith, Ian Foot, Harriet Lock, Debbie Dawson, Donna Swindells, and L.J. LaBarthe.

The editor Frances Billinghurst is herself a prolific writer with an interest in folklore, mythology, and ancient cultures. Her articles have appeared in various publications including Llewellyn’s "Witch’s Calendar", "The Cauldron", "Unto Herself: A Devotional Anthology to Independent Goddesses", "A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional to the Queen of Heaven", "Naming the Goddess", "Witchcraft Today: 60 Years On" and "The Faerie Queens" to name a few. She is the author of "Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats", and "In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine". "Call of the God: An Anthology Exploring the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism" is her first anthology. When she is not writing, Frances is attempting to replicate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on her patch of Australian dirt, and journeying between the worlds.”

For more information regarding Frances Billinghurst and her work, please see her own blog: (

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