Sunday, 30 October 2016

Hallantide by Gemma Gary

Upon this night of Hallantide,
The veil betwixt to rend and part,
We conjure forth the Midnight ride,
By Devil’s Horn and Witching Arte.

Spirits of old arise ye forth,
Let quick and dead conjoin this night,
By the way ‘twixt West and North,
Let begin the Elder Rite!

Spirits, beasts and ghostly rade,
Open now the Way of the Dead,
Wilde horde of Witch and shade,
Open the way that Huntsman’s-led.

Cavalcade of Fellows all,
Ride ye forth with Devil’s speed,
Ride ye forth at Midnight’s call,
By Night-Mare’s hoof and spirit-steed.

By flight of moth by bat and owl,
By spirit path and old Corpse Way,
By Hunter’s horn and black hound’s howl,
By haunted track and ancient Ley.

Go ye forth in the Old One’s Name,
Throughout and about, without and within,
By the light of the Devil’s flame,
Let the Wild Hunt begin!

Incantation taken from ‘The Devil’s Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One’ by Gemma Gary. Published by Troy Books UK 2014. Text used with permission.

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