Friday, 24 March 2017


Today the 24th of March 2017 is the sixth anniversary of this blog, this project, this scholarly and artistic expression of knowledge, study and experimentation. I have difficulty remembering precisely why I began the blog six years ago, I was inspired by the work of others without a doubt. In particular a writer by the name of Cunning Man (link below). Indeed some of my early posts before I found my own style, were just a little too close to his own to be comfortable.

Since then, I have of course developed my own style and presentation, variously described as pretentious, pompous, opinionated and self-confident. I have on occasion been complimented, being described as knowledgeable, a talented writer and a gifted photographer. My web-presence has also been defined as intimidating. I think all of these epithets hold some veracity and I am very likely, the most pretentious man I know.

Truthfully, the reasons behind the blog are as one would expect, not as simplistic as first appearances may suggest. The work here aims to reach people, to share ideas and interpretations that may not necessarily be found elsewhere. Material that is published on the blog, is not necessarily meant for publication in a printed source but designed perhaps, to reach a different audience. Part of the work is to express ideas outside of the Hearth of the Turning Wheel, part is express ideas that influence the work of the Hearth itself. There is a balance sought between my own personal praxis and the ethos of the Hearth of the Turning Wheel.

Looking back now at this the six year point, I cannot be certain that everyone who has read my blog, may understand these aims or even the content. This cannot be helped. Some have suggested that my posts are over long and others it is clear, struggle to see beyond the rather ‘flowery’ style of writing. A lapwing nests in plain view, it is not my obligation to stop someone walking past blindly and distracted by the mundane.

Importantly I can say with some pride, that today I have a blog that is known and valued by a select few. I have only sixty three official followers but my reach appears to be beyond that small number. My posts, now totalling two hundred and seventeen, have gained one hundred and fourteen thousand ‘hits’ in those six years. That is now an average of a little under twenty thousand ‘reads’ per year. I have no idea if that is particularly good or bad, it pleases me and that is enough.

Surprisingly and this is an illustration of the reach of the Internet, more than half my ‘hits’ are from outside the United Kingdom. Here I sit at a replica Victorian desk (I said I was pretentious), a middle aged Englishman in a middle aged English house, bemused by the discovery that two thirds of my ‘readership’ is overseas. What is it that I have to say, that is of interest to such an audience? Whatever it is, I sincerely hope I can carry on with it.

By flesh, blood and bone, the Chattering Magpie.

The Cunning Man

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