Saturday, 16 June 2018

Guillaume de Machaut - Douce Dame Jolie (English translation)

Sweet, lovely lady for god's sake do not think,
That any has sovereignty over my heart but you alone.

For always, without treachery,
Cherished have I you and humbly;
All the days of my life,
Served without base thoughts.

Alas, I am left begging for hope and relief;
For my joy is at its end without your compassion.

Sweet lovely lady but your sweet mastery,
Masters my heart so harshly,
Tormenting it and binding,
In unbearable love.

My heart desires nothing but to be in your power.
And still, your own heart renders it no relief.

Sweet, lovely lady.

And since my malady,
Will not be annulled.
Without you, Sweet Enemy,
Who takes delight of my torment.

With clasped hands I beseech,
Your heart, that forgets me,
That it mercifully kill me,
For too long have I languished.

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