Saturday, 18 September 2021


 If you are reading this via an email notification from Google, congratulations but very soon you will cease to get any such notification. Google are stopping or potentially by the time anyone does actually read this, stopped; the email notification to blog followers. This simply put, means that you will not be alerted to any future postings to my Google Blog.

Although Google have not stated so in any announcement, I strongly suspect that the next step; will be the closure of their blogging platform. Therefore, if you wish to keep up to date and be notified of my activities, my articles and any other such thing. I strongly urge you to follow me on FACEBOOK (I know I'm sorry) AND follow me on my WORDPRESS blog. The links to both are below.

In the meantime I will endeavour to transfer some of my archive over from Googleblogspot to Wordpress but this is likely to take sometime.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for following.


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Daniel Bran Griffith – The Chattering Magpie ON WORDPRESS

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