Monday, 7 December 2015


“Why am I locked in this tower?” asked the maid.
“Because of your hair,” replied the man.
“Why is my hair so special?” asked the maid.
“Because your hair is power,” replied the man.

“Why is my hair power?” asked the maid.
“Because with your hair I can summon the Djinn.”
“But what will that benefit?” asked the maid.
“Once I have mastered the Djinn, I shall summon others.”
“And what will that benefit?” asked the maid.

“Once they are mastered I shall summon God!”
“Do you believe the Gods can be summoned?”
“Of course,” replied the man.
“Even if they choose not to be?”
“When I have mastered,” said the man, “I shall be as a God.”

“Now I see why I am within this tower.”
“I do not understand,” said the man.
“It is to protect my power from foolishness,” said she.
“But I have the key to the tower of knowledge,” said he.
“But you shall not enter.”
“But I have the key.”
“But the door is bolted on the inside”
“But I have the key!”
“Nevertheless, you shall not enter unless I choose.”

Text and photography © D.B. Griffith the Chattering Magpie

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  1. Sounds like a date I was on once years ago. I thought I had the key, too.